Switching from Windows Phone back to iOS

So I’ve had my Lumia 900 since it launched in the States and I recently switched my SIM card back to my old iPhone 4 for regular use. I really like the Lumia and especially Windows Phone 7. However, there have been too many times when the phone or OS has “failed” me.

The first of these was when using Spotify. I use Spotify in my car via Bluetooth a lot. It works flawlessly with an iPhone. I can get out of my car, get back in later, and play resumes. I can take a call over Bluetooth and, when the call ends, play resumes.

On a WP7 device, these scenarios will lock up Spotify. Honestly, you have to restart the entire phone. For a while I blamed this on Spotify, until I came to understand this may be due, in part, to WP7. Its Bluetooth stack is lacking, and there is no access to Bluetooth functionality from 3rd party apps. While it may be possible for Spotify to improve this, there has been no word whatsoever from them. It’s hard to know where to point the blame, but the experience sucks. The built in audio app works better with Bluetooth, but I’m not interested in a Zune subscription as it isn’t as cross-platform as Spotify.

The second scenario where my Lumia began failing me was at concerts and other live performances. I’ve used my iPhone 4 to record HD video at many concerts, ice shows, etc. The audio is always clear. I’ve taken my Lumia to a couple of shows now and the videos are nearly useless. The audio is horribly garbled with the volume of the source overpowering the mic of the device.

Here’s a list of some of the pros and cons I’ve encountered in using the Lumia:

Lumia Pros

  • Bigger screen
  • I prefer personally prefer WP7
  • My car can read text messages aloud
  • 4G LTE
  • Not everyone has one

Lumia Cons

  • Poor bluetooth support (poor vehicle integration, no access to Bluetooth from apps)
  • Poor audio recording (garbled at concerts, performances)
  • No separate volumes for Bluetooth, video, audio, line out, etc.
  • Truly bad Spotify app (buggy due to spotty WP7 Bluetooth stack?)
  • Battery charges slowly

iPhone Pros

  • Better resolution
  • More/better apps
  • Battery charges quickly
  • Excellent Bluetooth support with support for apps

iPhone Cons

  • Smaller screen
  • No 4G LTE (does have HSPA+)
  • Everyone has one

I think Windows Phone is a wonderful OS to use and develop for. But, as a consumer, if you frequently use Spotify via Bluetooth or record live performances with your phone, I’d steer clear of Windows Phone (or at least the Lumia) for now.

4 thoughts on “Switching from Windows Phone back to iOS

  1. Eric Payne

    I have a samsung s2 epic (sprint) – same thing on audio from concerts. completely useless. camera is great though. ice cream sandwich is pretty good (just recently came through). Spotify bluetooth issues you mention above are not an issue with the samsung – it works smoothly in my car, similar to iphone. no challenges.

      1. Olaf Monien

        I missed that you have “4G LTE” on the Lumina PRO list – on the iPhone CON list you have just “4G” – which makes your point clearer.

        Anyway, the ITU uses the term 4G for IMT-Advanced or LTE-Advanced and says that “4G” – which has never been defined (in terms of a standard) – , may /also/ be associated with “forerunners”, including LTE and certain 3G technologies (presumably HSPDA+).

        In short: 4G was never a term with an exact definition 😉

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