Hip Shot 1.0 Available on iTunes

I’m very proud to say that my latest iOS project is available on iTunes. I’ve been working with several great friends on this project for a few months now, and I think it has turned out well.

The app is called Hip Shot, and is designed for MS sufferers. Many who suffer from MS self-inject medication and must rotate through a set of locations across the body to minimize negative reactions. These folks also have the need to share that history with their nurses and neurologists. Hip Shot helps users keep track of previous injection locations, suggests coming injection locations, and allows for easy review and sharing of history.

I was approached by my good friend Zack last year about the project. He’d been diagnosed with MS and wasn’t happy with the apps already available. He put together a set of requirements and I set to work with the intention of writing an app and donating the proceeds.

I was lucky to get another friend and colleague, Al Sevajian, to help with some truly great graphics for the app. The app could have been pretty dull given the concept, but I think the professional graphics Al came up with are just top notch. My buddy Greg was also kind enough to put together a simple website for the app.

Hip Shot has been great to work on. While I’ve done a few iOS projects in the past, this is the first time I’ve done something I’d consider graphical, working with all of the different file resolutions for iPhone vs iPad vs Retina iPad. It was also my first submission directly to iTunes (my previous iOS work has been for other clients). Also, Hip Shot gave me an excuse to learn both Core Data and about synchronizing data with iCloud.

So far the feedback from users has been great, and word is slowly spreading both among users and medical personnel. As proceeds come in from Apple I’ll be making donations to the National MS Society. You can learn more at hipshotapp.com.

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