Size a Delphi Form to fit an ExpressLayout Control’s Content

Today I was faced with the need to have some MDI child forms automatically size to fit their contents. These forms all descend from a base form that has an ExpressBars bar manager and an ExpressLayout layout control. I was surprised (though I shouldn’t be at this point) at how easy this was to achieve:

procedure TDataDetailsForm.FormShow(Sender: TObject); 

procedure TDataDetailsForm.SizeToRootLayoutContents; 
  ClientWidth := DetailsLayoutControlGroup_Root.ViewInfo.Bounds.Right - 
    DetailsLayoutControlGroup_Root.ViewInfo.Bounds.Left + 
    (DetailsLayoutControl.LayoutLookAndFeel.Offsets.RootItemsAreaOffsetHorz * 2); 
  ClientHeight := DetailsLayoutControlGroup_Root.ViewInfo.Bounds.Bottom - 
    DetailsLayoutControlGroup_Root.ViewInfo.Bounds.Top + 
    (DetailsLayoutControl.LayoutLookAndFeel.Offsets.RootItemsAreaOffsetVert * 2) + 

With that bit of code in place, each form now automatically size to fit its contents when shown, but can still be freely resized.

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