A License for Tide

I’ve had some really good communications with Ron Grove concerning tide. After expressing some interest in the project, I sent him the source code for tide and the Northwind client, which prompted some discussion of the licensing I’d be using for the project.

After a couple of nights reading about many different licensing options, and some great advice from Ron, I think I’ve finally settled on using the FreeBSD/Simplified BSD license. This seems like the least restrictive copyleft license that maintains GPL compatibility. I was also considering MS-PL, but this is not GPL compatible. Now, I don’t personally think that’s a huge stopping point, but I figured if I can use a GPL compatible license, why not?

Hopefully this licensing choice will suit all who wish to download, examine, learn from, use, and possible even modify or redistribute tide. I’ll be wrapping up the second part of the customers plugin soon, and hope to have a blog post up about that this weekend.

Thanks to Ron for helping with my licensing questions!

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