Do You Remember Project Dionysus?

In mid-2002, Project Dionysus set out to revolutionize the Delphi developer toolset. Project Dionysus was to deliver a package of third-party solutions for Delphi that would allow a developer to augment their Delphi Professional license and – it was claimed – end up with more functionality, for a lower price, than Delphi’s Enterprise SKU.

Key players in the Project Dionysus lineup were Report Builder (reporting), RemObjects SDK (web services and remoting), ExpressQuantumGrid (grid suite), ExpressWeb Framework (ASP.NET competitor), DXSock (internet connection components), and a suite of database access layers.

Was the endeavor successful? Who knows (the companies involved most likely).

But it was a big win for myself both personally and professionally. I had already had experience with DevExpress when rumors of Dionysus first surfaced, but the project further solidified my interest in and commitment to their toolset (then VCL, now much more).

Project Dionysus was also the first time I had heard of RemObjects SDK. That was a life saver. This was, I believe, during their beta phase for version 1, and we decided to leverage RemObjects SDK for our web services at a mobile electronics startup. Without going into details, this was probably one of the single best decisions I’ve made in my professional career.

Thank you, Project Dionysus. Your hype machine exposed me to two of my favorite vendors – now two of the most relevant players – in the development tools market.

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